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Roberto Baggio
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Friday, 12 August 2011

What will the future hold after Pastore's transfer to Paris Saint-Germain?

It feels like as if it was ages ago. Palermo's president Maurizio Zamparini's talk about a transfer of his superstar Javier Pastore was one of the hot-topics (which later became a comedy) in transfer world during the past year. One day it was Barcelona offering €40 million for the Argentine, the next day it would be Madrid bidding €50 million. It was as if either Zamparini was trying to big up his player to get a big chunk of cash at the end of the season, or he truly believed in his young starlet. Whatever it was, Pastore did not join the Spanish giants, instead moving to be part of the new project of Paris Saint-Germain for €42 million, a plan which has already been started after the acquisition of the French club by the wealthy Qatar Investment Authority this June.

Whether Pastore is worth this amount is another question however, and opinions about this can very from one to another. What can be said for sure is that there is no doubt in El Falco's ability, as it has been seen a countless of times in the last couple of season when Pastore carried his team to 5th place in his first season and 7th in 2010-11 with his outstanding playmaking skills and technical ability. However, there has been some doubts about his consistency; Pastore has underperformed against Italy's big guns, he is slightly slow and he is not known for being the most hard working player on the field. Nor he has shined for the national team, La Albiceleste in official matches, usually coming as a substitute or warming the bench for a whole night. Whether he will be a great signing for PSG, or whether he will be a flop remains to be seen.

On the other hand, it may also look as if Pastore has taken a step down by deciding to playing a second tier European league after playing two years in Italian top flight, but knowing that PSG will have enough funds to attract big names, especially if they manage to reach Champions League next season, and having already signed plenty of good players such as Kévin Gameiro, Jérémy Ménez, Blaise Matuidi, Mohamed Sissoko and Pastore's former team-mate Salvatore Sirigu as well as hiring Inter's last season's coach, the Brazilian Leonardo, the future looks bright in the French capital, as well as for the Argentine youngster.

For Palermo, it can be said that they sealed a great deal with PSG regarding Pastore's transfer. But life may be hard for Rosanero without him. Having gone on decline after a promising 2009-10 and losing their superstar and top scorer as well as their trusty goalkeeper, things may start to look questionable for Palermo and we haven't seen any star signings for Palermo to replace the voids yet. Whether the current Palermo team  can cope without the stars whom left, considering they would want to finish on top half of the table, remains to be seen. It can be confidently say that there task of scoring goals will be felt more than ever on shoulders of Abel Hernández and captain Fabrizio Miccoli.

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